Electrical protection for what ?

Electrical protection for what ?


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An estimated 32 million1 lightning strikes the ground each year around the world, causing significant damage to electrical, telephone or industrial installations.

1 : https://www.planetoscope.com/Etonnant/1019-.html

The electrical grid is constantly subject to multiple disturbances!

Electrical disturbances cause many problems in the computer installation

A computer is potentially subject to dozens of power problems per month.
These disturbances cause many problems in the computer installation:

• System shutdowns and untimely breakdowns.
• Errors in data processing.
• Total system shutdown.


There may be many consequences:

• Loss of several hours of data entry.
• Destruction of valuable data.
• Erroneous figures and calculations.
• Quick wear equipment.
• Partial or total destruction of the hard drive or NAS

To overcome all these risks, there is only one solution: the UPS!

In the end, this can represent a very heavy financial blow, both for you as well as for the planet!


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