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Discover our range of options and accessories designed for INFOSEC electrical and computing protection.

Are you looking for UPS rack installation kits, UPS batteries, SNMP cards, dry contact boards, or battery extension modules for your INFOSEC UPS?

Browse our options, software, and accessories and choose among the many products available:

  • RJ11 cable
  • IEC M/F cord
  • IEC cord or wall outlet cord (IEC)
  • External USB SNMP agent
  • 200 W charger
  • 1,000 W charger
  • Alignment kits
  • ...

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Tower-IEC external bypass

En stock

Tower-IEC external bypass, for UPS


Ref. 61440

€225.00 Incl. VAT

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INFOPOWER control software

En stock

Control software for UPSs


Ref. 61193

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