Electrical protection guide

This guide answers common questions about electrical protection.

It also explains what a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) actually is, and the technologies available on ours.

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UPS technologies

UPS technologies OFF LINE TECHNOLOGIES: The equipment is normally powered by the wall outlet power and the UPS only takes over in the case of a power cut or where the wall outlet voltage drops drastically. Off Line technologies enable the appliances they are protecting to be kept live for the time needed to save data and/or correctly turn off the appliances. This change with batteries takes time (commutation of 4 mins in general) which is no problem for computers with cut-out power, but which could pose a problem for more sensitive equipment (measuring tools). Off Line UPSs are the most economical. They are recommended for single-station computers (PC type) used for office work or to play games and small servers within an electrical environment with few disruptions such as an urban conglomeration. WALL POWER OUTLET PRESENT: WALL POWER OUTLET ABSENT: LINE INTERACTIVE OR IN LINE TECHNOLOGIES: The principle of In Line technology is improved as the input voltage is controlled and filtered by the UPS before being delivered to the materials. The power supplied is therefore of a better quality. A voltage control function enables the continual supply of quality power even where there are significant variations and without using the batteries, the use of which is governed by a number of charge cycles. The presence of a filter and a surge protector serve to heighten the safety. In the instance of a power cut, the UPS transfers to battery mode (owing to the commutation time, Line Interactive technology is recommended within areas where the wall power outlet is moderately disturbed (commercial or rural areas) and also selected to protect servers, DAO/CAO and accounting applications. WALL POWER OUTLET PRESENT: WALL POWER OUTLET ABSENT: ON LINE DOUBLE CONVERSION TECHNOLOGY: Power is continually delivered by the UPS, which additionally guarantees constant voltage without parasites. The protected appliance is therefore totally disconnected from the wall outlet power, consequently the commutation time is nil, avoiding micro-cuts. Where there us fault with the wall power outlet, communication software will automatically close all programs after having made the necessary changes. The tests demonstrate that On Line UPSs offer the most stable output voltage and the best defense against parasites. On Line technology is specifically recommended within industry. It is also selected to protect systems where even the slightest loss of data is unacceptable such as for example calculators, automation, cash registers, large IT systems and on a general note, all strategic applications, sensitive electronic systems and medical appliances. WALL POWER OUTLET PRESENT: WALL POWER OUTLET ABSENT: