Electrical protection guide

This guide answers common questions about electrical protection.

It also explains what a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) actually is, and the technologies available on ours.

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Why use electrical protection?

Why use electrical protection? The electrical network is constantly subjected to multiple disruptions! Earth is struck, every day by about 44,000 storms resulting in significant deterioration of electrical, telephone or industrial installations. A recent study, conducted by IBM, demonstrated that a computer suffers more than 120 power supply issues a month. These disruptions cause numerous problems for IT installations: System stoppages and untimely failures. Data handling errors. Complete system shut-down. Consequences: Loss of many hours of input. Destruction of precious data. Incorrect figures and calculations. Premature wear of equipment. Partial or complete destruction of the hard disk. HEFTY FINANCIAL COSTS! To reduce such risks, there is only one method:  UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply