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X2 UPSs are designed to protect your personal and professional computing devices (e.g. for SOHOs). They protect against many power supply issues and outages that can damage hardware.
During a short or lengthy power outage, the X2 UPS powers the electrical equipment connected to it from its batteries for several minutes, allowing you to safely shut down the devices, software, or applications and power down the computer.
With its Line Interactive technology and voltage control system, the X2 UPS supplies an appropriate, steady current to the devices connected to it, even during high variations in voltage, without needing to draw on the batteries.
The X2 is made for simplified use:
- A single on/off switch.
- An indicator light (available in the 500/700/1000 VA models) or multiple indicator lights (1,500 VA model) --- Audible alarms that signal the UPS status.
- A cold start if there is no power.
- Automatically restarts once wall outlet power is restored.
Save energy with the X2 UPS:
- Green Energy Saver feature:
If none of the connected devices is being powered and the UPS goes into battery mode, it automatically shuts down to keep the batteries from draining.
- Automatic battery charge feature for when the UPS is off:
The battery can automatically recharge when wall power is present and the UPS is off.
When the connected devices are not in use, this feature makes it possible to shut down the UPS while ensuring that the battery will recharge.

Technologie Line Interactive
Voltage 220/230/240 V (HV)
Parallelizable No
Phone protection RJ11/45
Communication ports No
Software No
Hot-swappable batteries No
External battery connector No
Warranty Yes
Number of protected outlets 4
Voltage range 162 - 290 VAC
Number of outlets, with life 4
Minimum life (1PC charge) 5 min
  • PC & MAC PC & Mac compatible inverter
  • Line Interactive Technology Line Interactive Technology.
  • IEC outlets This product has IEC outlets.
  • Phone/Fax line protection This product protects the phone/fax line.
  • Power-saving mode Power-saving mode.
  • Battery life Battery life
  • 2-year warranty Eligible for a 2-year warranty

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