The Infosec company

Who are we?

INFOSEC Communication SAS is a French company that has been making and selling uninterruptible power supplies and surge protectors worldwide for over 25 years.
INFOSEC Communication is headquartered in the area of Nantes in Western France, with other offices in:
  • Dubai for the Middle East
  • Miami for South America
The experience gained by INFOSEC UPS System in various global markets in that time is an asset that has helped the company design and develop a full line of electrical protection solutions to perfectly meet the needs of its clients.
Our hardware protection systems work with software applications that provide full protection for sensitive equipment in all circumstances. INFOSEC also offers free insurance for equipment connected to many INFOSEC UPS System power supplies and surge protectors.
Unparalleled reliability and efficient after-sale services also help INFOSEC UPS System satisfy its clients.
INFOSEC Communication's long experience and strong willingness to offer custom solutions to its users have helped it build direct partnerships with its clients that all parties have an incentive to maintain in order to continue their unique, human-focused relationships.
Since 2007, INFOSEC Communication has also decided to declare its commitment to the environment by achieving ISO 14001 certification for its Infosec UPS System surge protector and UPS design, manufacturing, and assembly operations.
As the achievement of ISO 9001 for these same processes demonstrates, INFOSEC does its best every day to maximize the quality of its products and services in order to do whatever it can to fully satisfy its clients and partners.