E4 LCD PRO 3000

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E4 LCD Pro range was designed to protect equipement that require a perfect power quality, such as networks, data centers, server groups or other industrial applications.

E4 LCD Pro range is available from 1 to 10 kVA.

Several versions of E4 LCD Pro can be distinguished:

- E4 LCD Pro from 1 to 10 kVA (standard version)
- E4 LCD Pro S from 1 to 10 kVA (extended backup time version)

E4 LCD Pro UPS range holds the most reliable technology a la technologie la plus fiable: Online Double Conversion, that allows to deliver a pure sinewave output current, guaranteeing a fully efficient protection of equipment with a critical role. 

These UPS also provide a 0.9 output power factor, thus ensuring an excellent performance and an improved efficiency for applications or critical materials.

With an intuitive LCD screen providing a fast visualization of the state of the UPS, E4 LCD Pro also has a user-friendly control panel: it allows direct management from the front panel of the UPS (on & off, setting of the functioning mode, setting of the voltage and of the programmable outputs

Learn more: E4 LCD Pro 1000 VA, Online Double Conversion 

Technologie On Line Double Conversion
Voltage 220/230/240 V (HV)
Phases Single-phase/Single-phase
Software Yes
External battery connector No
Number of protected outlets 4
Minimum life (1PC charge) 30 min longer
Voltage range 180 - 270 VAC
Communication ports USB/RS232
Warranty 2 Ans
  • Battery life Battery life
  • 2-year warranty Eligible for a 2-year warranty
  • Power-saving mode Power-saving mode.
  • Software Remote control software
  • LCD screen This product has an LCD screen.
  • IEC outlets This product has IEC outlets.
  • USB communication port USB communication port.
  • On Line Double Conversion Technology On Line Double Conversion UPS

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