E6 LCD RT Evolution 8000 S

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The E6 LCD-RT Evolution UPS is an On Line Double Conversion UPS that is effective and providing electrical protection to critical devices or equipment in industrial environments.
Using microprocessor-controlled online double conversion technology, this UPS is intended for critical systems, equipment, and devices that require reliability, uptime, and performance (telecommunication, sensitive applications, etc.)
The E6 LCD-RT Evolution delivers a high level of electrical protection to the connected equipment in response to excess voltage, excess loads, and short-circuits.
It has an output power factor of 0.9, and 3 operating modes
- Normal,
- Eco (with output that can reach 97%)
- Advanced Eco (with output that can achieve 98%)
In addition to its EPO emergency power-off function, which ensures the safety of the personnel and equipment in the event of a fire or other emergency situations, the E6 LCD-RT Evolution also has programmable outlets that make it possible to control the different charge groups.
The E6 LCD-RT Evolution UPS has a convertible design because it can easily be installed in a rack (with an optional Rail kit) or in a tower.
Th E6 LCD-RT Evolution has a simple, adjustable LCD screen (rack or tower), hot-swappable batteries, UPS status display, and cold-start functions.

Technologie On Line Double Conversion
Voltage 220/230/240 V (HV)
Parallelizable Yes
Phone protection RJ11/45
Software Yes
Hot-swappable batteries Yes
External battery connector Yes
Warranty Yes
Minimum life (1PC charge) 30 min longer
Voltage range 160 - 300 VAC
Communication ports USB/RS232
Dimensions 750 x 440 x 133
  • Battery life Battery life
  • 2-year warranty Eligible for a 2-year warranty
  • Power-saving mode Power-saving mode.
  • Software Remote control software
  • LCD screen This product has an LCD screen.
  • Rack Rack or Tower format.
  • Parallelizable - Redundant This product is parallelizable
  • USB communication port USB communication port.
  • On Line Double Conversion Technology On Line Double Conversion UPS

E6 LCD RT Evolution 8000 S


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