E6 LCD TM RM 10000


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The E6 LCD TM RM UPS is an (optionally) redundant, parallelizable On Line Double Conversion UPS.
It has DSP technology and a high output power factor (0.8).
With its wide input voltage range (110-300 VAC), the E6 LCD TM RM can correct the input power factor for each phase. It is also possible to set its phase rotation, therefore making connection simple.
The UPS has a frequency converter mode (50 Hz/60 Hz) and an Eco mode.
Among the E6 LCD TM RM UPS's features, the emergency power off (EPO) is available, as are the communication ports (SNMP, USB, RS-232); its advanced charger makes it possible to charge in 3 steps to optimize the batteries' performance and their lifespan.
Optionally, it has an SNMP card, external bypass, and parallelizable and redundant function.

Technologie On Line Double Conversion
Voltage 220/230/240 V (HV)
Parallelizable Yes
Software Yes
Hot-swappable batteries Yes
External battery connector Yes
Warranty Yes
Voltage range 176 - 300 VAC
Communication ports USB/RS232
  • 2-year warranty Eligible for a 2-year warranty
  • Power-saving mode Power-saving mode.
  • Battery life Battery life
  • LCD screen This product has an LCD screen.
  • Rack Rack or Tower format.
  • Parallelizable - Redundant This product is parallelizable
  • On Line Double Conversion Technology On Line Double Conversion UPS

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