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X4 RT UPSs and their Line Interactive technology are ideal for providing effective electrical protection for computer hardware and data during electrical disruptions.
The X4 RT UPS's high-frequency design makes it easier to handle while optimizing its output thanks to the transformer's voltage reduction.
The X4 RT provides continuous protection, with its automatic voltage control system, which makes it easier to instantly correct voltage fluctuations; if there is an outage (whether short or lengthy), the X4 RT UPS will supply several minutes' worth of power from its batteries to any equipment plugged into it.
The X4 RT is perfectly compatible with computers equipped with APFC power supplies; in the event of an outage, when switching from wall outlet power to battery power, APFC (Active Power Factor Correction) supplies will absorb the current spike, which could disrupt the UPS's voltage control.
The voltage control of the X4 RT UPSs (which are compatible with the increasingly common APFC power supplies) is faster and more powerful; this makes it possible to maintain the stability of the output voltage.
X4 RT UPSs also have power-saving features:
- Starting without a power supply using its cold start function.
- Automatically restarts once wall outlet power is restored.
- Battery automatically charges while the UPS is off: The battery automatically recharges when wall power is present and the UPS is off. When the connected devices are not in use, this feature makes it possible to shut down the UPS while ensuring that the battery will recharge.
The X4 RT's ideal size makes it easy to include in any environment, owing to its compact design: the UPS can either be placed vertically or integrated into 19" racks using an optional installation kit.

Technologie Line Interactive
Voltage 220/230/240 V (HV)
Parallelizable Yes
Phone protection RJ11
Communication ports USB
Software Yes
Hot-swappable batteries No
External battery connector No
Warranty Yes
Number of protected outlets 4
Number of outlets, with life 4
Minimum life (1PC charge) 18 mn
  • PC & MAC PC & Mac compatible inverter
  • Line Interactive Technology Line Interactive Technology.
  • IEC outlets This product has IEC outlets.
  • Power-saving mode Power-saving mode.

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