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UPS technology

Line Interactive


Exclusively tower


High-performance protection

Line Interactive technology and automatic voltage regulation system guarantee effective and quality protection for your connected devices, without straining the batteries for a longer battery life.

Continuous protection

In the event of a brief or prolonged power cut, the X3 guarantees, thanks to its batteries, power supply of your connected equipment for several minutes then the closing of applications or even shutting down of the computer

Designed for simple use

- A Single on/off switch
- indicator lights / or LCD display (depending on the model) as well as Audible alarms indicate the status of your UPS
- Cold start in the event of no power supply
- Automatic restart of the UPS when grid power returns

Energy saving

- Green Energy Saver function for 500 to 1000 VA models: if there is no active load and the UPS switches to battery mode, it shuts down automatically so as not to discharge the batteries unnecessarily
- UPS automatic battery charge function: the battery recharges automatically when on grid power and the UPS is off. This function allows, if connected devices are not used, to turn off the UPS while being assured that the battery is recharging

Technical specifications

General specifications

UPS technology: Line Interactive
Phases: Single-phase/Single-phase
Format: Exclusively tower
Safety shutter: Yes

Electrical protection

Non-flammable plastic case: Yes
Protection spectrum: Discharge, Overload, Overvoltage, Tel/data line

Input technical characteristics

Nominal Voltage (VAC): [110/120 VAC] or [220/230/240 VAC]

Output technical characteristics

Voltage output type: AC
Wave form: Pseudo-sine wave


Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): Yes


Recharging time (minutes): 10 hours at 90% after complete discharge
Material: sealed lead

Management and communication

Communication via software available: Yes


Noise level: <40 dB
Type: Indoor


CE: Yes
RoHS: Yes

Contenu du packaging

Multilingual Manual: Yes
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