New range of Infosec UPS: Z2 EX

New range of Infosec UPS: Z2 EX

Z2 EX is the ideal UPS range for the electrical protection of multimedia spaces.

Z2 EX: the solution for your digital entertainment

A 2 in 1 UPS

Available in 3 powers (550/700/1000 VA), the Z2 EX range offers electrical protection suitable for multimedia environments, whether domestic or professional. It combines UPS and surge protector functions in a single product thanks to its emergency and protected FR/SCHUKO outlets.


Protect your multimedia devices to never suffer failure or inactivity

The 3 back-up outlets of the Z2 EX provide up to 15 minutes of battery life (for a standard PC) and ensure service continuity in the event of a power cut, while also guaranteeing protection of connected devices against lightning and electrical disturbances.

Easily master your system's autonomy

HID communication port

The Z2 EX UPS are equipped with a USB communication port which integrates the HID ("Human Interface Device") feature. You will be able to see the autonomy of your UPS:
• Either by automatic USB HID detection which transmits the battery charge level of the UPS to the computer's operating system
• Or via monitoring software: in the event of a power cut, the software automatically closes open files progress, and saves your applications before shutdown.


The Z2 EX UPS fits perfectly into a multimedia space. Its compact size, adapted connections and wall mounting system allow it to be easily integrated into your living room as well as your office space.

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