UPS: management in a virtual environment

UPS: management in a virtual environment

Data virtualization is now prevalent in companies which optimize the resources of their physical servers by running multiple instances of virtual servers in order to improve flexibility, manageability, and security of their data.

The importance of electrical protection in a virtual environment

Ensure the protection and integrity of your information

In addition to ensuring the protection of your business data, virtualization saves money by grouping several virtual servers on a single physical server, thereby reducing the number of physical servers required. In addition, electricity consumption and use of computer room space will be reduced.


Ensuring service continuity

The interest of virtualization lies in improving and optimizing the performance of protected equipment as well as service continuity. A server managed in a virtual environment makes it possible to respond in an agile way to IT network problems. It is therefore essential to ensure the electrical protection of your virtual environment to ensure your business' service continuity.

Adapted electrical protection solutions

The importance of electrical protection

Whether virtual or physical, all servers are susceptible to power supply issues. A power outage or voltage variation can quickly damage your data and equipment, affecting their lifespan, and therefore your productivity. IT equipment is strategic for the company and must therefore be protected at its fair value to ensure service continuity. Electrical protection, via an uninterruptible power supply, is therefore the preferred way to ensure high availability of its resources.

UPS, the assurance of a protected installation

Integrating a UPS into this installation is essential because it will ensure the protection of all connected equipment and service continuity in the event of a power failure.
It will thus be able to communicate with the various virtualization equipment that you have, and you will be able to configure and manage the protection of your virtual servers.


Infosec offers you a complete solution to guarantee effective protection of your equipment in a virtualized environment.

Complete your Online UPS with a SNMP vm minislot card, accompanied by RCCMD client software and you will increase your performance. Pre-sales and after-sales support is available to help you in your approach.


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