Workstations: protect your facilities

Workstations: protect your facilities

Workstations are powerful infrastructures configured to meet the most demanding requirements. They are capable of supporting specific business applications that require a lot of resources, both in terms of energy and time.

What is a workstation?

A PC dedicated to office automation is used for applications that do not require a lot of power: Office, Internet navigation, ERP... . A workstation needs to run specific business applications for example for design or graphic studios, CAD work, architecture firms, financial services ... These workstations must be efficient because they use heavy applications with long processing times which requires having optimized equipment.


A workstation requires reliability

Workstations are custom designed and equipped with high quality electronic components to meet the needs of the end user. The applications used by these workstations require high computing power and speed in data processing.

Equip your workstation with a UPS

High performance components

They are equipped with a powerful power supply, large storage, increased RAM and a high-performance processor. A workstation is equipped with components that cannot be matched by a traditional PC. Here we are looking for high performance and permanent reliability.


Be productive at all times

Resource-intensive applications require stable and continuous power. INFOSEC, the French expert in electrical protection in demanding environments, has designed a special range of UPS that meets the specific needs of workstations.

Which UPS for my workstation?

Calculate the power in watts/VA added to the components of the workstation. How much space do I have at my disposal and what format do I want? In other words, if you want to place a UPS on a desk or prefer a rack format that can be integrated into a server bay. How many outlets do I need? The number of outlets required will be determined by the number of connected devices to secure. Once these questions have been answered, you can refine your choice.

Discover our On Line Performance range with the E2 LCD UPS, which provides reliable and efficient protection from 600 to 2000 VA.


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