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Easy to use

The new range of INFOSEC surge protector allows a large number of devices to be connected safely and easily thanks to: Active protection indicator Resettable fuse in the event of an overload Child protection Earth connection indicator On/off switch

Reliable protection

Power surges and current spikes are very often the cause of data loss or damaged computer equipment. Repeated magnetic disturbances irreparably damage sensitive household and electronic devices. With the S'Classic range, enjoy your equipment in complete safety and comfort thanks to the wall mounting system, the 1.80 meter cable, and standard child protection.

Internet Box

The S1 LAN's single French outlet is ideal for protecting your Internet box or your fax machine against grid transients. Its RJ 11/45 connector protects the Tel/network line against surges and lightning.

TV equipment, digital entertainment

Thanks to the S5?s 5 French outlets, protect your living room and Hifi equipment against surges and lightning

Multimedia computer

In addition to the 5 protected outlets, the S5 LAN has an RJ 11/45 connector for optimal protection of your devices Internet/Ethernet connection such as fax, ADSL box ...

Electronic equipment

Your Hi-Fi and multimedia set will be protected from any surge thanks to the 8 protected outlets of the S8.

Technical specifications

General specifications

Safety shutter: Yes

Electrical specifications

Surge protector type: Type 3
Clipping voltage: 775 V
Maximum voltage peak: 6 kV
Response time: < 1 ns

Electrical protection

Non-flammable plastic case: Yes

Tel./data protection

Clipping voltage: 775 V


Frequency range: 150 kHz ~ 100 MHz


Max temperature (°C): 40
Min temperature (°C): -5
Humidity range: 0 to 40 %
Type: Indoor


CE: Yes
RoHS: Yes

Contenu du packaging

Multilingual Manual: Yes
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