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UPS technology

On line Performance


Exclusively tower


High-performance protection

Microprocessor-controlled On Line Performance technology offers an ideal protection solution thanks to the perfect and fully protected sine wave output current. The E2 LCD range thus makes it possible to effectively protect particularly sensitive IT loads such as servers or even video surveillance devices, telephone switchboards, voice over IP, etc. In the event of a power cut, E2 LCD provides up to 60 min autonomy, thus ensuring service continuity and/or the backup of sensitive data.

Smart features

The integrated charger permits reaching maximum battery life in just 4 hours. When the UPS has no grid power supply, the cold start function allows emergency start-up of connected equipment. The restart of the UPS on return of grid power supply is automatic, it does not require any intervention.

Energy saving

The battery recharges automatically when grid power is present and the UPS is off. This function, available on the entire range, thus makes it possible, if connected devices are not being used, to turn off the UPS while being assured that the battery is recharging. Real energy saving is thus achieved thanks to this advanced battery charger which allows the batteries to be recharged twice as fast!

Designed for simple use:

- Single on/off switch
- LED display and Audible alarms indicate state of the UPS

Technical specifications

General specifications

UPS technology: On line Performance
Phases: Single-phase/Single-phase
Format: Exclusively tower
Safety shutter: Yes

Electrical protection

Non-flammable plastic case: Yes
Protection spectrum: Discharge, Overload, Overvoltage, Tel/data line

Input technical characteristics

Number of primary phases: 1

Output technical characteristics

Voltage output type: AC
Wave form: Pure sine wave


Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): Yes


Cold Start feature: Yes
Recharging time (minutes): 4-6 hours at 90% after complete discharge
Material: sealed lead

Management and communication

Communication via software available: Yes


Noise level: < 40 dB
Type: Indoor


CE: Yes
RoHS: Yes

File Downloads

Guide d'utilisation

Contenu du packaging

Multilingual Manual: Yes
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