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The PFS 7 TGE surge protector provides electrical protection (lightning, surges) to the devices connected to it.
With 7 outlets, this multi-outlet surge protector has a resettable fuse in the instance of a surge.
An active protection and ground connection indicator light is included.
The PFS 7 TGE surge protector outlet also has a wall-mounting system, and a 1.8 m cable.

Number of outlets 7
Rated voltage 230 VAC (50Hz/60Hz)
Phone/fax/modem protection RJ11
Voltage surge 775 VOLTS
TV Protection No
Maximum power 10A
Warranty A Vie
  • Lifetime warranty This product is eligible for a lifetime warranty
  • Child safety This product has child safety measures.
  • Phone/Fax line protection This product protects the phone/fax line.
  • Surge protection This product has surge protection.