Z2 EX 1000

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UPS technology

High frequency


Exclusively tower


Advanced technology

Microprocessor-controlled High Frequency technology provides reliable protection to connected equipment against critical electrical disturbances. Z2 EX UPSs have 6 FR/SCHUKO outlets which provide up to 15 min of backup time for your screen, burner, decoder, computer or autocom in the event of a power cut, thus extending the life of the connected devices.

A reliable solution

The Z2 EX range effectively protects home office or small office equipment:
- 3 FR/SCHUKO backup outlets, to avoid service interruption
- 3 FR/SCHUKO protected outlets, to protect devices against lightning and power surges The USB communication port integrates the HID function ("Human Interface Device"), which allows remote control of the UPS by different means:
- USB HID automatic detection: recognition of the UPS via the computers' operating system (viewing battery status notifications)
- PowerMaster software: automatic closing of files when grid power is interrupted (see description on back)

Easy to use

- Single on/off switch
- 6 front outlets for easy device connection
- Audible alarms and visual indicators allow you to immediately know the status of the UPS and alert you in the event of an electrical incident
- Cold start in the absence of current
- Automatic restart of the UPS when grid power returns

Technical specifications

General specifications

UPS technology: High frequency
Phases: Single-phase/Single-phase
Format: Exclusively tower
Safety shutter: Yes
Wall mountable system: Yes

Electrical protection

Non-flammable plastic case: Yes

Input technical characteristics

Number of primary phases: 1
Nominal Voltage (VAC): 220-240 VAC

Output technical characteristics

Voltage output type: AC
Wave form: Pseudo-sine wave


Cold Start feature: Yes
Recharging time (minutes): 8 hours
Material: sealed lead

Management and communication

Communication via software available: Yes


Type: Indoor


CE: Yes
RoHS: Yes

Contenu du packaging

Multilingual Manual: Yes
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