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Learn about our waterproof cases or bags for your iPhone, iPad, cameras, or other Android smartphones and tablets.

If you want to protect your iPhone or iPad from water, dust, or sand, while still being able to use its touch-activated features, then INFOSEC's new waterproof cases are made for you.

Our waterproof cases will allow you to use your Apple or Android mobile devices while protecting them from moist, sandy, or dusty environments.

Every INFOSEC waterproof case meets the IPX8 waterproofing standard, which ensures complete resistance to water and humidity (0% to 100%) while being usable up to 10 meters deep.

This waterproof case performance is made possible by the three-zip plus velcro or snaps installed on each waterproof case.

Some of our cases also have inner-ear headphones so you can listen to your music underwater!

INFOSEC waterproof cases are perfect for all your outdoor activities!

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Enjoy your tablet with the D6 waterproof cover for the iPad 1, 2 & New iPad and their 10" equivalents.

Compatible models iPads & 10" tablets
Certified depth 10 Meters
Window for photo/video lens Yes
Waterproof earphones included No
Rack No
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